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KunLun exports quality wire mesh for concrete and construction reinforcement and series reinforcing steel products for worldwide importers and wholesalers. Our mission is to deliver cost effective, quality-centric and reliable reinforcing mesh products to our business partners based on long term cooperation.

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Concrete Reinforcing Mesh Panels

Concrete Reinforcing Mesh Panels are an indispensable part of the building can be used as scaffolding to play a security role, but also, with a cement mill in the following security door, to play a security role.

Concrete Reinforcing Mesh construction necessary precautions

To speed up the construction speed, Concrete wire Mesh in the cave scene slice woven mesh, spot a Mesh panels. Concrete Mesh construction should pay attention to the following matters:
① Concrete Mesh variety and quality, welding, flux grades, performance must meet the design requirements and the provisions of the standard construction specifications.
② Concrete Mesh surfaces must be clean, without rust, paint, oil-based and other dirt.
③ Concrete Mesh size to meet the requirements, Mesh panels in the installation shall be deformed, Concrete shall not be distorted.
④ Concrete Mesh panels should be coupled with a solid steel grille, Mesh panels lap length of less than 20cm.
⑤ Concrete Mesh panels should be laid against the support surface and keep the 30mm layer of protection.

In the scene when lashing Concrete Reinforcing Mesh, shall comply with the following provisions

①-Concrete Reinforcing Mesh arrangement of joints shall comply with the relevant regulations.
②-Concrete Reinforcing Mesh intersections strong lashing wire application, if necessary, also by spot weld.
③- addition to the design of special provisions, the columns and the beam stirrups should be vertical reinforcement.
④-Concrete Reinforcing Mesh pier, sets the body, while the vertical column lap steel, steel hooks should be at the corner of the template to 45 ℃, intermediate steel hooks into the template should be 90 °. Such as the use of plug-in vibrators pouring a small cross-section column, the minimum angle of the hook and template shall not be less than 15 °, in the pouring process must not be loose.
⑤- stirrup hooks should be placed in the beam direction along the beam length and staggered above, in the column should be staggered along the column height direction, if you must be in the stirrups square columns and column angle vertical reinforcement handover point. But there is a large cross-section column style stirrups, its joints can be located on any one intersection stirrups and longitudinal reinforcement in the middle. Pipe Culvert cylindrical or spiral stirrups should start and end points, respectively, in the longitudinal steel banding.

Concrete Reinforcing Mesh theoretical weight (KG) = Concrete Reinforcing Mesh used in bar length (M) * wire diameter (MM) * wire diameter (MM) * 0.00617


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