Prefabricated Welded Concrete Reinforcement Cages

Steel concrete reinforcement cage is a prefabricated welded wire structure with a diameter ranging from 290mm to 4100mm normally. The wire diameter for vertical and ring circle ribs ranges from 5 to 12mm. Kunlun uses advanced pile cage welding machine to make steel pile cages by spot welding automatically. The welded spiral wire reinforcement pile cages are prefabricated into round, pipe, oval, square, triangle or hexagonal concrete cages for underground concrete construction.

Application: Concrete reinforcement cages produced by Kunlun is generally used in the pile for reinforcement or to strengthen tendons of location bar, rebar reinforcing, prefabrication assembly of steel, also the electric pole.

Spiral steel reinforcement cage is used to ensure that the role of transverse force of the pile, and its density has a crucial role to prevent the pile case from cracking.

Building of Concrete Reinforcing Cage Advise:

We have two ways of using pile cages in practical construction to get better reinforcing: A, To combine the main rebar first and then the pile cage, that is to say, butt weld the rebar of 9m length together to 9-27 meters and then use the pilemaster to longer pile cage. B, To combine the pile cage and then the main rebar, first make the pile cage of 9m or 12m of standard. And then weld the short pile cages to longer pile cages.

welded steel pile cagesCage Shaped Welded Structure, for Rebar Pile Reinforcement

Beside the welded pile cage reinforcement, we also supply full-automatic Cage Welding machines for customers.
Machine Technical Information:
1. Capacity: 300-3000mm
2. Length: 1 meter to 4 meter
3. Water recyle cooling
4. Flush joint , Bell&Spigot joint
5. much higher efficiency ,with Touch Screen Control Panel
6. Competitive price and reliable good performance

Reinforcing Cage Welding Machine

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