Rebar Support

Rebar support is a kind of reinforcing steel bar.
Materials: Good Quality low carbon steel.

Application: Rebar support is welded with new technology, mainly used for big construction industry, as joint linking single or multi-layer reinforced steel bars. With great strength, flexibility, anti-static, and environmental protection, this kind of steel bar support can greatly improve the quality of the project, save cost and time. By using of steel bar support, the construction time can be saved and the speed can be accelerated to reduce the construction cycle.

Varieties: We offer mainly nine series of steel rebar supports:

We use different treatments for its bottom such as plastic coating, plastic caps or iron scraps, according to the different requirements of different regions.

Common size :
height : 1 inch to 10 inch
length : 5 feet
wire diameter : 5.5mm 6.5mm