Steel Rod Chair

Rod chair bar support works with reinforcing steel materials to complete the concrete construction system, especially for big constructions.

Steel rod chair is a welded reinforcing metal bar stool mainly used in big construction industry. Metal rod chair works as joint linking single or multi-layer reinforced steel bars. It can be made with self-color black steel with slight oil painting or galvanized steel metal materials. With great strength, flexibility, anti-static, and environmental protection, this kind of steel rod support can greatly improve the quality of the project, save cost and time.

Features: Using of carbon steel rod chair support will save the construction time and the speed can be accelerated to reduce the construction cycle.

Varieties: We offer steel rod supporting chairs Heavy duty or standard.

Surface treatment of Rod Chairs: Plain black oiled or electro galvanized steel. KunLun uses different treatments for its bottom such as plastic coating, plastic caps or iron scraps, according to the different requirements of building constructions.

Steel Rod Chairs can be divided into Three Major Types: continuous steel rod high chair, slab support rod chair, deck support rod chairs.

Steel Rod ChairMetal Stool Bar Chair